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Crowned Life

Coaching & Consulting

Our mission is to provide opportunities of healing through empowerment, advocacy, & skill-building

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Moving forward is a state of mind

A Self-improvement wellness program

Our goal is to help individuals make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfillment. We assess the cognitive processes & internal attitudes that contribute to decision-making.

Our coaches empower you to reduce stress, build healthy coping skills,

& get though life’s challenges.

Our empowerment coaches guide you towards developing a positive mindset & a rejuvenated outlook for you & your future.

Our services:

Transformative Life Coaching

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Individual coaching

Empowerment coaches guide clients in setting actionable goals and establish clear plans to reach those goals. Clients work alongside their empowerment coach to identify the obstacles that keep getting in the way of a satisfying life. Our coaches can help build motivation to and help work through resistance in making changes. Benefits of our program include, improved self-efficacy and self-empowerment, and improved personal insight. Working with our empowerment coaches can also help improve overall mental health and quality of life.

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Group wellness & Life skill sessions

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Group wellness sessions are designed to improve one’s overall well-being physically, mentally, & emotionally in a group setting. Group wellness sessions provide supportive environments to build social connections & promote a sense of community among participants. Our wellness groups are designed to create safe spaces to process through one’s experience, struggles, and thoughts while discussing meaningful topics that impact participants.

Life Coaching Program Highlights

Individualized service planning

Wraparound services & support

Goal setting & skill-building

Sustainable habit changes

Improved mental wellness

Healthier lifestyle choices

Transformative Life Coaching

Peer mentor support

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Specialized Programs

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RISE! Academy

Reentry Services

From prison to possibility

Case management & life coaching to equip returning citizens with life skills & tools to become self-sufficient from incarceration. Supportive services for mental health & substance use, resource navigation, employment, housing, & technical assistance.

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Real Talk

(For Incarcerated Individuals)

Skill-building & life skills in individual & group settings.

Real Talk aides in transforming how one thinks & makes decisions. Residents process through the behaviors & mindsets that contributed to their incarceration experience. Residents are provided tools to manage anger & impulsivity, identify trauma, examine peer & social groups, & increase accountability.

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Empowerment groups & workshops

Groups & workshops focused on vulnerable populations, including underserved & at-risk communities and youth and communities of color. Topics to educate, empower, & equip participants to reduce life stressors & manage life challenges. Most effective in school & community settings.

Consultation Services

Coaching-based interventions, effective for enhancing well-being and improved functioning within organizations. Our consultation services are beneficial to organizations looking to improve employee/employer relationships, develop organizational processes and guidelines, and improve workload performance. Recommendations are provided to aid organization in reaching their goals, expand programming/services, and reduce professional clashes among staff. Consultation services provide an alternate perspective on the organization’s processes, operations, and strategies.

We work with private and public sectors of business, community based agencies, school districts, and governmental agencies.

Our services can provide cost-effective solutions to organizational barriers by improving efficiency, creating processes, and increasing productivity.

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Empowerment Workshop

A day of self-love & empowerment!

We spent the afternoon empowering young girls!

Over 140 girls attended the workshop!!!!!

Life Coaching participant

“Thank you for a healthy release sis”

June 2023

Real Talk participant

“Crowned Life has helped me see the mistakes I made & how they hurt people, especially my mom. I didn’t care about me, my life, or anybody. Crowned Life helped me see myself. I’m a dad now & I wanna be the best dad, they are helping me be that”

December 2023

What our clients are saying

Chosen workshop participant

The workshop was fun. We learned about loving ourselves & what loving ourselves mean. I think I wanna love myself better.

February 2024

Real Talk participant

“This is one of the first times I’ve felt heard. Nobody really heard me or saw me. Now I know I will be okay, I am somebody”

March 2024





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Transformative Life Coaching

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